Bio-Mix-2023 Teva BioInnovators Opening: Academia Meets Business

The 4th year of the BIO-MIX program will start with an all-day opening event on January 26, 2023, with professional panels, a graduation ceremony & welcoming the new BioInnovators

TEVA – Bio-Mix Program of 2022 Progress with New Students and Mentors

Bio-Mix is a business program created by TEVA together with i8 Ventures as part of Teva’s National Forum for Bio-innovators for doctoral and postdoctoral students from Israeli leading universities. 2022 brings a new element – a mentorship.

DigitalRosh Live events — The Spider series

The 2022 May-June series of DigitalRosh Live is named “The Spider series: Digital Force – Human Responsibility.” It brings us together with executives who lead innovative approaches, manage adjustment and change processes in leading companies in Israel, while keeping an eye on the human factor.

Avril Group – Digital Leadership & the Case of Dealing with Failure

Avril is an international agro-industrial group based in France, specializing in food, animal feed, energy, and sustainable chemistry. About 30 executives headed by Avril Group CEO visited Israel and attended Prof. Sivan and Yoav Chelouch’s lecture about leadership & failures in digital.

27-Jan-2022: Teva Bio-Mix 2022 launched

Teva and DigitalRosh are happy to open 2022 with a kickoff meeting in the program that serves as a meeting point between academia and industry – Teva Bio-Mix 2022: BioInnovators Mixing with BioEcosystem.

DigitalRosh Live events — The Chameleon series

The 2022 first series of DigitalRosh Live is named “The Chameleon series – Managing the change.” It brings us together with executives from leading companies that manage adjustment and change processes in accordance with the changing competitive environment.

24-Sep-2021 — Workshop at CMMI training program: From Managers to Leaders

As part of the training program for digital leaders and CIOs at financial institutions in China, Professor Yesha Sivan delivered a 4-hour workshop on the challenge of moving from a manager to a leader in the digital world.

The workshop addressed the tactical and strategic aspects of the challenge and was given as part of the CCMI (China Capital Market Institute) based in Shenzhen, China.

Digital Products and Services – The Journey (DRS Course DLC147)

The Knowledge Center for Innovation at the Technion in collaboration with DigitalRosh initiated this program for a thorough and in-depth solution to managers and innovation leaders in organizations that need to develop products and services in the digital age under constant disruption. This is based on the most up-to-date research knowledge, and through leading academic experts and leading innovation managers in the Israeli industry.

Throughout the course, participants will acquire knowledge and tools, and will actively experience building a digital product/service, in light of the “journey of idea” model developed by Prof. Miriam Erez, the bride of the Israel Prize and founder of the Knowledge Center for Innovation at the Technion. Specifically, during the course, participants will become acquainted with current digital-technology trends; learn how to identify and target challenges; build a bank of ideas; evaluate, prioritize and promote ideas; build prototypes and attack critical assumptions; learn how to deal with resistance to change, and lead change in the organization.

The course is based on research done in the field of innovation, accompanying companies and organizations in the last 13 years, and the training of over 150 organizational innovation managers of various sectors. All, combined with components of digital taught as part of the Technion’s MBA programs.

The course “Digital Products and Services – The Journey” will be held using the LLL method (a combination of peer learning, theory, and practice) and is intended for anyone who is a leader in the organization and has the skills of entrepreneurship and innovation.

At the end of the course, participants will receive a certification. See more details on the DigitalRosh website (Hebrew).

13-Sep-2021: Teva BIO-MIX-2021 competition – a collaboration between DigitalRosh and Teva

On behalf of The National Forum for Bioinnovators by Teva, we are delighted to invite you to participate in the exciting annual BIO-MIX 2021 competition where five teams of BioInnovators will compete for first place with their impactful ventures. This event will take place virtually on September 13, 5-8 PM IL. This event is the culmination of a year-long training program designed to enhance the entrepreneurial skills of outstanding Ph.D. and PostDoc students – thank you for your support in the forum and in your students throughout the year!

Join us to witness as scientists-turned-entrepreneurs dare to innovate!

Register here.