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Happy spring holidays!  Chag Passover Sameach, Happy Easter, Ramadan Karim to all. i8.ventures wishes you happiness, prosperity and good health this holiday season.

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Prof. Yesha Sivan and the team

TEVA - Bio-Mix Program of 2022 Progress with New Students and Mentors

Bio-Mix is a business program created by TEVA together with i8 Ventures as part of Teva’s National Forum for Bio-innovators for doctoral and postdoctoral students from Israeli leading universities.
The purpose of the program, led by Professor Yesha Sivan, Founder & CEO of i8V & Digitalrosh, and Dr. Dana Bar-On, Director of Teva’s Academy Relations at the Global R&D Division, is to connect the laboratory and research to “real business life” to open a gate to the business side, to the startups’ world, and to the local ecosystem. 2022 is the third cohort of the program.

This year there is a new element – a mentorship. 12 Graduates from the previous cohorts were chosen to serve as mentors for the 2022 cohort, in order to guide the participants throughout the process while continuing their collaboration with Teva and improving their own skills.
On February 8, we held a kickoff meeting of the mentorship team. I8 Ventures was responsible for the professional side with mentoring training. The mentors met and exchanged ideas and thoughts.

In two meetings in February and March, the participants were introduced to startups and leading researchers who practically combine academic work with business – people who translated their findings into companies. The participants had the opportunity to personally meet with key leaders from the health and science industry, present their research ideas, and receive constructive feedback for the next stages.

Prof. Sivan Interviews About the Metaverse

The metaverse remains a hot topic both in the business world and in the media. As an expert in the field, Prof. Sivan is often approached with requests to share his knowledge and opinions.

Prof. Sivan gave interviews to several media channels in the past two months, including the German DW News and the Korean Economy TV, where he was asked to elaborate on questions such as, what is the metaverse? How will it affect our lives? What is Disney doing in this field? What are the risks? What is NFT? And more.

Here are the links to the interviews:

Avril Group – Digital Leadership and Dealing with Failure

Avril is an international agro-industrial group based in France, specializing in food, animal feed, energy, and sustainable chemistry. Avril operates on a model of integrated sectors, which is unique in the French and European agro-industrial business world. The group systematically reinvests the profits in the fields of agriculture. Its purpose is to ensure a fair distribution of added value to the entire network, between manufacturers and consumers. Avril operates in 21 countries and employs 7,600 people. In 2017, its turnover amounted to 6.2 billion euros.

In mid-March 2022, about 30 senior executives headed by the CEO of the Avril Group arrived in Israel. During the visit to Israel, i8 Ventures and DigitalRosh founder and CEO Prof. Sivan was asked to give a lecture about failures in digital. “We googled “Innovation, Digital & Israel” and found DigitalRosh,” they answered when asked how they found us.

During the lecture delivered by Professor Sivan and Yoav Celouche, Board Of Directors at Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, the principals learned about the digital force and realized that on the road to success, one might fail quite a few times and that we must learn from every failure.

DigitalRosh Community Meeting - The First Digital War

We are probably witnessing the first “hybrid” war, combining aspects of economics, public opinion, cyber, and more. There is a major digital front to the war Russia started in Ukraine – cyber attacks, restrictions on the use of digital services, and social media, alongside the conventional fighting, aerial bombardment, and missiles and tanks.

On the other hand, those who thought that the next war would be digitally decided by severely damaging the vital infrastructure of the attacked country were mistaken.

In a special zoom meeting held in early March Dr. Vladi Dvoyris discussed the following topics:

  • The historical and cultural background of Russia-Ukraine tension.
  • The “official” reasons behind the Russian attack.
  • The role of digital in the “real” and psychological warfare
  • Cancel Russia movement
  • Western sanctions and their effects on Russian high-tech
  • When will digital win over Putin’s TV channels?
  • How to withdraw money from Russia (hint: crypto, but not only)
  • What will happen after the war – optimistic, realistic and pessimistic scenarios.

Mr. Israel Bartov, who participates in a humanitarian aid delegation to the Ukraine border, spoke about the devastating consequences of the war, and the humanitarian aid provided by the delegation he is part of. Mr. Bartov ended with a call to support the aid efforts in any way possible.

Finally, we heard from Ms. Alisa Vysokaya about her personal experience as a refugee from Ukraine as well as about her “Protect UA Women” project aimed at helping at-risk refugees.

Q2 2022 Digital Leadership Courses in DigitalRosh

In 2022, the world is accelerating – faster, more efficient, more frenetic, scarier. Therefore,  in order to use digital power to benefit the goals of their organizations, leaders in organizations need to have an understanding of the digital world and deeper knowledge of the tools at their disposal. 

Moving forward with DigitalRosh and the Technion yearly courses’ plan, we announce the Earlybird registration for theAdvanced Digital Leadership course: Tools and Case studies. We will delver into the key subjects – culture, business, technology, and leadership. We will ask why managers fail in digital transformation and learn from other people’s mistakes; we will review the key technologies and their prospects of growth, learn to identify the competitive advantage of our business, and how to lead change in the organization. 

The course will be conducted in Hebrew.

If you happen to know colleagues or friends who might be interested please forward them this address:  https://digitalrosh.com/dlc-145065-page/ where they can learn more about this course.

We have also launched the 2022 edition of the course “Harness the Digital Power” in its self-learning version.  This course lays the foundations for understanding the digital world and is the first course, out of four, in DigitalRosh and The Technion Digital Leadership yearly training plan.

For more information about the course (Hebrew): https://digitalrosh.com/dlc150065/ 

DigitalRosh Live - The Spider series: "Digital Power - Human Responsibility"

“DigitalRosh Live” is a special series of programs in the ZOOM webinar format (which requires personal access), broadcasting on Tuesdays from 18:00 to 19:00. Each series has a specific theme and focus.

Editor-in-Chief: Jacob Eilon.

In the program, we host executives from various companies and organizations in a format of a lecture followed by a discussion. The format allows for in-depth discussion at a professional and high level. The program also includes community updates, Jacob’s digital news, and more.

The coming series called “The Spider Series” – with great power comes great responsibility or in our wording – “digital power – human responsibility”. The series, consisting of 8 sessions, covers a variety of topics with top management:

  • Sigal Regev Rosenberg – CEO of the United Health Insurance Fund, which is leading the revolution in hybrid medicine.
  • Esti Peshin – VP of the CYBER Division of IAI – Elta, on the cyber challenges at the national level.
  • Udi Shamai – CEO of HYPER FOOD ROBOTICS and owner of Pizza Hut in Israel, on how to build an innovation platform.
  • Oded Salomi – Director of Payments The Bank of Israel on digital payments in Israel.
  • Prof. Noam Shomron – Head of Computational Genomics, Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, on Ethics in Genetic Research,
  • Oranit Shinar – Head of Israel Investments, Citi Bank on Citibank’s interests in Israel.
  • Amir Livne – VP of Strategy, Innovation and Structural ChangeElectric Company for leading change of interfaces.
  • David Chinn – Managing Partner, McKinsey Israel will present insights from around the world on de facto digital leadership.

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The term Metaverse went from relative anonymity to almost 100% exposure in October last year. While Metaverse rose to fame initially due to Facebook’s name change into ‘Meta’ to express their ambition to become a Metaverse company within 5 years (and perhaps deflect some of the negative PR), there are now many large companies, startups and brands working on their metaverse strategy. As investors in gaming, entertainment tech and consumer, this is a topic Remagine Ventures have been actively researching and investing in for the past few years. Why is it interesting, especially now?

Read the article by Eze Vidra, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Remagine Ventures. Eze is a managing partner at Remagine Ventures, a seed fund investing in ambitious founders at the intersection of tech, entertainment, gaming, and commerce, with a spotlight on Israel.

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