i8V April 2022 Update

i8 Ventures updates of the last first quarter of 2022 and of what is coming next: TEVA – Bio-Mix Program, Interviews About the Metaverse, lecture to Avril Group, Ukraine-Russia digital war, DLC150065 course for 2022: Tools & Case Studies, and more.

TEVA – Bio-Mix Program of 2022 Progress with New Students and Mentors

Bio-Mix is a business program created by TEVA together with i8 Ventures as part of Teva’s National Forum for Bio-innovators for doctoral and postdoctoral students from Israeli leading universities. 2022 brings a new element – a mentorship.

DigitalRosh Live events — The Spider series

The 2022 May-June series of DigitalRosh Live is named “The Spider series: Digital Force – Human Responsibility.” It brings us together with executives who lead innovative approaches, manage adjustment and change processes in leading companies in Israel, while keeping an eye on the human factor.

Avril Group – Digital Leadership & the Case of Dealing with Failure

Avril is an international agro-industrial group based in France, specializing in food, animal feed, energy, and sustainable chemistry. About 30 executives headed by Avril Group CEO visited Israel and attended Prof. Sivan and Yoav Chelouch’s lecture about leadership & failures in digital.

27-Jan-2022: Teva Bio-Mix 2022 launched

Teva and DigitalRosh are happy to open 2022 with a kickoff meeting in the program that serves as a meeting point between academia and industry – Teva Bio-Mix 2022: BioInnovators Mixing with BioEcosystem.

January 2022 Update

i8 Ventures updates of the last quarter of 2021 and of what is coming next: TEVA – ending Bio-Mix 2021 starting Bio-Mix 2022, Digital leadership in the Metaverse era, special guests in DigitalRosh LIVE, and more…

October 2021 Update

The annual competition of the Bio-Mix 2021 program took place on 13-September. It was held virtually with participants from all over the world. 5 innovative projects in the fields of biotech and biomedicine were presented, all were developed by the students during the year and all have great business potential.

The key challenge of the Digital Leader — Balance HIGH-END strategy with LOW-END Bits and Bytes

Organizations must understand the evolving digital galaxy and prepare to operate in it. The digital age offers an abundance of business opportunities and risks. The option of “sit and do nothing” will work, at best, for a short time. At some point, somewhere, others are already working on a business idea, a new digital technology or both, and those developments are liable to disrupt your organization’s current business model. It pays to be paranoid in this context. Furthermore, Organizations sometimes use the term “digital transformation” only because it’s trendy and evokes the image of an innovative organization. One of the mavens in this field, Rob Llewellyn, warns organizations about a phenomenon he calls “the great digital illusion.” “Change fixes the past, while transformation creates the future.” Engaging in simple projects is a good way to start cultivating capabilities, but does not provide the infrastructure for withstanding competitive pressure or for future prosperity. Herein lies the great challenge: doing both the high strategy and the daily grind of the digital. Mastering both the high-end strategic mindset and low-end bits and bytes mindset – this is the key to digital mastery. We tried in this book to review a wide range of aspects and issues relevant to digital transformation in order to ensure that readers are familiar with the background and theory required for action and results. And herein lies the great challenge: doing both the high strategy and the daily grind of the digital age. Mastering both the high-end strategic mindset and low-end bits and bytes mindset – this is the key to digital mastery. Bon digital voyage!

i8 Focus – Digital Leadership

The Individual Challenge – Lead Change

  • Managers deal with the current; leaders deal with the future.
  • Digital leaders juggle both threats and opportunities – at scale.
  • Bottom line: enhance your digital leadership skills, both at the strategic and tactical levels.

i8 Approach – Leadership Development

Watch: Innovating innovating – Introduction

Prof. Yesha Sivan the founder and CEO of i8 ventures (https://i8v.wpengine.com) – a business platform focusing on “Innovating innovating.” He is also a visiting professor of innovation and venture at the Chinese University of Hong Kong Business School.

Sivan’s professional experience includes developing and deploying innovative solutions for corporate, hi-tech, government, and defense environments. He focuses on digital strategy (SVIT – Strategic Value of Innovation Technology), innovation and venture (employment black holes). In the spirit of this professional experience, he explains in this video, what “Innovating innovating” is.

Video: short intro to Innovating innovating


Text from the video:

When I reflect at what drives me, as well as what drives the world today, or perhaps at what should drive the world today, I can definitely say Innovation.

Innovation is more than just creativity or ideas; it is the realizations of these ideas into solutions that create value.

Value for all the stakeholders, Innovators, Their funders, the users of the innovation and society at large.

What makes the innovation age more interesting, both the positive and the negative-sense is the claim that innovation as a process is changing. Innovation will take more energy compared with other organizational functions. There will be more failures, it will be industrialized. There will be more suppliers of innovations and there will be more partners in the process of innovation. Leading innovation, whether you run a 5-person company or one hundred-thousand-person corporation will feel like, running a race car while re-designing the engine and replacing it, at the same time.

This is what we call Innovating Innovating.

What has been innovation in the 20th century is evolving. We need new kinds of innovation, new ways to fund innovation, new platforms for innovation, new government policies, and most importantly we need new and more innovation leaders.

That’s why we decided to focus our series “Innovating innovating” on individuals who had created innovations in the wrong field.

Join us on the journey of “Innovating innovating.”