Avril Group – Digital Leadership & the Case of Dealing with Failure

Avril is an international agro-industrial group based in France, specializing in food, animal feed, energy, and sustainable chemistry. Avril operates on a model of integrated sectors, which is unique in the French and European agro-industrial business world. The group systematically reinvests the profits in the fields of agriculture. Its purpose is to ensure a fair distribution of added value to the entire network, between manufacturers and consumers. Avril operates in 21 countries and employs 7,600 people. In 2017, its turnover amounted to 6.2 billion euros.

In mid-March 2022, about 30 senior executives headed by the CEO of the Avril Group arrived in Israel. During the visit to Israel, as DigitalRosh founder and CEO, Prof. Sivan was asked to give a lecture about failures in digital. “We googled “Innovation, Digital & Israel,” and found DigitalRosh,” they answered when asked how they found us.

During the lecture, delivered by Professor Sivan and Yoav Celouche, Board Of Directors at Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The principals learned about digital force and realized that on the road to success, one may fail quite a few times, and we must learn from every failure.

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