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i8 Ventures was founded by Dr. Yesha Sivan as a business platform focusing on innovating innovating. 

Our key endeavors include:


PRIME Your Thinking

Whether you’re planning a trip, researching your next car purchase, exploring a new concept, or organizing your favorite recipes, MindLi, a knowledge management app, provides a single, user-friendly platform for all your needs. Say goodbye to scattered bookmarks across various platforms and meet PRIME, the 5 modes of MindLi’s thinking model.

Manage your thinking in one coherent place.


Empower 21st Century Leaders

DigitalRosh is a professional community for digital leaders.
DigitalRosh is sponsored by i8 Ventures and Accenture and maintains an academic partnership with the Technion as part of our efforts to strengthen digital and innovation skills within organizations.

Check our Corpus, Community and Courses,


Your Digital Transformation Sherpa

i8.Digital integrates decades of experience guiding companies and government agencies through their digital journeys.
Tibetan Sherpas help mountain climbers navigate and carry some load.
Similarly, we help organizations navigate and carry some of the load.

Ask us about our 4-stage methodology: ready, set; go! and operate…


i8 Blog

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i8V Q2 2022 Update

i8 Ventures updates of the 2nd quarter of 2022 and of what is coming next: EVA-BioMix2022 Capstone event, Dror Bin, IIA CEO about Innovation, Tourism at the Metaverse, Five General Factors of Learning

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i8V April 2022 Update

i8 Ventures updates of the last first quarter of 2022 and of what is coming next: TEVA – Bio-Mix Program, Interviews About the Metaverse, lecture to Avril Group, Ukraine-Russia digital war, DLC150065 course for 2022: Tools & Case Studies, and more.

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DigitalRosh Live events — The Spider series

The 2022 May-June series of DigitalRosh Live is named “The Spider series: Digital Force – Human Responsibility.” It brings us together with executives who lead innovative approaches, manage adjustment and change processes in leading companies in Israel, while keeping an eye on the human factor.

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