The organizational challenge

Your challenge – Manage Change

  • In a fast changing digital world, organizations must understand, setup, and adapt their business strategy.
  • Mitigate risks and capture the opportunities.
  • Bottom line: actively manage the change.

i8 Approach – Your Digital Journey Sherpa

  • Tibetan Sherpas help mountain climbers navigate and carry some load. Similarly, i8 Ventures helps organizations navigate their digital journey as well as hands-on-executes various projects.
  • We have developed a unique 4-stage methodology: kickoff, launch, setup and operate. The i8 methodology provides the required guidance and clarity how to succeed in the digital journey.
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The individual challenge

Your Challenge – Lead Change

  • Managers deal with the current; leaders deal with the future.
  • Digital leaders juggle both threats and opportunities – at scale.
  • Bottom line: enhance your digital leadership skills, both at the strategic and tactical levels.

i8 Approach – Leadership Development

About i8

i8 Ventures is a consultancy focusing on Innovating innovating. We specialize in organizational and individual digital leadership. Our key endeavors are:

Innovating innovating = running a race car while re-designing the engine and replacing it, at the same time (video)

Prof. Yesha Sivan the founder and CEO of i8 ventures (http://i8.ventures) – a business platform focusing on “Innovating innovating.” He is also a […]

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“Agilifying Your Digital Business”: From i8 Ventures at Cutter Consortium (FREE Download)

We are happy to update that our new article “Agilifying You Digital Business – 6 Steps to Get Started” was published by Cutter […]

Orange Bike Mind (OBM): The leadership tool for the 21st-century

The Orange Bike Mind will give you focus, openness, and control – the qualities needed for the 21st century. There are many distinctions […]

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28 July 2019, Ramat-Gan, Israel: Orange Bike Mind (OBM) workshop with PAI (the Israeli community for organizational change and development)

i8.venture and PAI (The Israeli community for Organizational change and development) are collaborating to offer a unique Orange Bike Mind Workshop on 28 […]


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