TEVA – Bio-Mix Program of 2022 Progress with New Students and Mentors

Bio-Mix is a business program created by TEVA together with i8 Ventures as part of Teva’s National Forum for Bio-innovators for doctoral and postdoctoral students from Israeli leading universities.

The purpose of the program, led by Professor Yesha Sivan, Founder & CEO of i8V & Digitalrosh, and Dr. Dana Bar-On, Director of Teva’s Academy Relations at the Global R&D Division, is to connect the laboratory and research to “real life.” 2022 is the third cohort of the program.

This year there is a new element – a mentorship. 12 Graduates from the previous cohorts were chosen to serve as mentors for the 2022 cohort, in order to guide the participants throughout the process while continuing their collaboration with Teva and improving their own skills.
On February 8, we held a kickoff meeting of the mentorship team. I8 Ventures was responsible for the professional side with mentoring training. The mentors met and exchanged ideas and thoughts.

In two meetings in February and March, the participants were introduced to startups and leading researchers who practically combine academic work with business – people who translated their findings into companies. The participants had the opportunity to personally meet with key leaders from the health and science industry, present their research ideas, and receive constructive feedback for the next stages.

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