27-Jan-2022: Teva Bio-Mix 2022 launched

The Teva Bio-Mix program for 2022 has been launched!

Teva and DigitalRosh are happy to open 2022 with a kickoff meeting in the program that serves as a meeting point between academia and industry – Teva Bio-Mix 2022: BioInnovators Mixing with BioEcosystem.

In the first session, remotely via Zoom, the doctoral students met their fellow program members, introduced themselves, and presented their areas of research.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the Israeli Innovation Authority, Zachi Schnarch, hosted the meeting and talked about the centrality of biotechnology in the development of high-tech and the state’s efforts to advance the field. Co-hosting with Mr. Schnarch was Dr. Ilana Mandel, VP R&D at Biond Biologics, who spoke about the journey from academia to commercial success.

During the coming year, participants will participate in courses and workshops. It will connect them to the industry and allow them to deal with developing a research idea into a business product.

This year, for the first time, the participants will be accompanied by mentors from the previous cohorts.

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