January 2022 Update

Welcome to our 2022 January update, which actually covers Q4 2021 as well. We share our latest news and publications on Innovating innovating.

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Prof. Yesha Sivan and the team

TEVA – Ending Bio-Mix 2021, Starting Bio-Mix 2022


Bio-Mix is a business program created by TEVA together with i8 Ventures as part of Teva’s National Forum for Bio-innovations for doctoral and postdoctoral students from Israeli leading universities.

The purpose of the program, led by Professor Yesha Sivan, Founder & CEO of i8V & Digitalrosh, and Dr. Dana Bar-On, Director of Teva’s Academy Relations at the Global R&D Division, is to connect the laboratory and research to “real life”, to bridge the gap between a promising scientific invention and a product or drug entering the market. Throughout the year, the participants will receive research funds, close guidance, and expert advice in a project designed to support academia and business collaboration. The program was formed back in 2020 and starts now its third cycle.

Back on December 16, 2021, the group celebrated the successful completion of the 2021 program. The community of BioInnovators is growing already over 60 students and the third cohort is underway. The event took place at ZOA (Beit Ziyonei America) Tel Aviv with a keynote lecture by Dr. Noa Sher, Chief Scientist of Minovia Therapeutics and roundtables with Teva’s R&D leadership.

There is a new layer to the program this year: graduates are invited to become mentors to the new participants and support them during the year and through the process of product development. The mentors themselves will be trained in this new role so that they are able to contribute from their experience more confidently.

Digital Leadership yearly courses plan – DigitalRosh and the Technion

DigitalRosh in partnership with the Technion announced its Digital Leadership yearly courses plan for 2022. We strongly believe that understanding the digital power and the digital language is a basic tool for every manager, either in an organization or a private business in our fast and messy world.

  • Digital leadership: Harness the digital power
  • Digital leadership (advanced course): From traffic lights to rainbow – tools and case studies.
  • Digital leadership (advanced course): Leading an organizational transformation
  • Digital leadership (advanced course): Digital products and services – the journey.

The plan contains 4 quarterly courses. Each is a stand-alone unit but together they show the full picture of digital transformation – from the very first step of understanding the terms, the logic, and the potential, through theory, and to knowing practical tools for leading a change, and developing new business models and products.

Digitalrosh Live with Harry Moseley, Global CIO, Zoom, and with Dr. Adizes

“DigitalRash Live” is a special series of programs in the ZOOM webinar format (requires personal access), on Tuesdays from 18:00 to 19:00. Each series has a specific theme and focus. Editor-in-Chief: Jacob Eilon.

On the program, DigitalRosh Live hosts lectures by executives from various companies and organizations followed by a discussion. The format allows in-depth discussion at a professional high level. The program also includes community updates, Jacob Eilon’s digital news, and more.

Q4 2021 DigitalRosh Live series is called “The Chameleon: Managing the change”. We hosted managers from the health industry to automotive, from the private sector, and governmental organizations. The keynote speaker who opened the series was Mr. Harry Moseley, Global CIO Zoom. Mr. Moseley spoke about the change Zoom went through COVID19 pandemic, the importance of flexibility – personal and organizational, and Zoom’s future plans.

Join us to watch Harry Moseley talk.

The Q1 2022 “DigitalRosh LIVE” series is the Butterfly Series: Leading Digital Maturity. The first keynote speaker of this series was Dr. Ichak Adizes.
Dr. Adizes, a well-known and highly respected expert in corporate governance and culture, joined us from Los Angeles. In his lecture “Leading Organizational Change – The Challenge of Implementation”, Dr. Adizes framed the discussion on questions about the dynamics that occurred in the change processes and their impact on the various levels of management.

Dr. Adizes explained that engaging in organizational change management is actually engaging in conflict management. People create conflicts, and therefore those who are unable to manage conflicts do not really know how to manage. He elaborated on the fact that conflicts can be destructive or constructive, with the key of moving from destruction to construction is lying in mutual trust and respect. Subsequently, Dr. Adizes presented three cycles needed to lead successful change: authority, power, and professional knowledge. Dr. Adizes’ lecture is in Hebrew and hence it is not shared with you here. We urge you, though, to visit his website https://www.adizes.com/ to learn about Dr. Adizes, his theories, and his work.

During the program, Mr. Adizes was introduced by Mr. Russell Elwanger, CEO of Tower Semiconductors who is a longtime friend and big admirer of Dr. Adizes. Mr. Ellwanger spoke about the relationship between them, the crucial impact Adizes had on his career, and the way he leads the organization.
You are invited to see Mr. Ellwanger’s introduction.

Digital Leadership in the Metaverse Era

It is impressive to see the development of the metaverse ecosystem. No doubt this is going to be one of the hot topics for the years to come. As such, Prof. Sivan updated DigitalRosh’s Digital Leadership courses and the metaverse is getting special attention throughout the yearly training plan.

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The Role of Formal Mentoring on Business Success and Self-Esteem.

The current study investigated the relationship between career-related mentoring, psychosocial mentoring, business success, and self-esteem in participants of a program that was designed to assist in the establishment of a new business.

Join us to read this interesting study.

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