Five Rules for CEO to Rethink Digital Transformation During and After COVID-19. With Antonio España, Accenture Europe.

Antonio Españia from Accenture introduces 5 new to rethink digital transformation that Accenture offers CEOs to examine and adopt during and after the Corona crisis: fast-forward to the cloud; build your digital A-Team; learning and adapt; lean decision-making, and act with purpose. (see the full video in DigitalRosh).

The leader and the decision-making process: Questions & Answers with Prof. Schonberg & Dr. Ampofo

Prof. Tom Schonberg and Dr. Lawrence Ampofo answer participants’ questions and expand on the impact of technology on human behavior and decision-making, both in an organization or personally.  (see the full video in DigitalRosh)

06-Apr-2020: Prof. Sivan presents post-COVID19 Three New Normals model (3NN) at the National Forum for Bioinnovators by Teva

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Teva Pharmaceutical Industries invited Prof. Sivan to present the 3 phases of the new normal (3NN) to the national professional community of bioinnovators exploring the Corona age.

Also presented Prof. Michael Zhang from The Chinese University of Hong Kong Business School and Dr. Dorit Shweiki from The Academic College of Tel-Aviv, Yaffo.

Date: Monday, April 6, 2020, by Zoom.

The 3NN framework (three new normals) by Prof. Sivan is also presented in his paper published in the Journal for Virtual Worlds Research (The JVWR), on the issue “The Dark Side of Virtual Worlds.” It details the mental challenge of the COVID-19 black swan and provides a strategic direction. Using the framework, and based on individual internal risk appetite and external market conditions, one should estimate the relative time each New Normal will take. Read more here.

From the talk…

“I have followed the then called Wuhan Virus since the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) site listed less than 20 fatalities. The rise in numbers, together with my direct communication with Wuhan residents – reprogrammed my brain and gave me time to change. Still, I am not sure that my response, while being defensive (e.g., selling stocks), and offensive (e.g., re-aligning my business to 100% virtual) – created enough difference. How to react in such situations is a mental challenge that calls for readjustment of the “operating system.””

31-Mar-2020: Digital Transformation — IDF “Technology on Tuesday” series (Heb.)

Technology on Tuesday – Meetings on communication technologies and digital transformation in organizations.

The Association for commemorating IDF C4I corps (Command & Control, Communications, Computers and Information) in collaboration with the Bureau of Information Technologies in Israel and with the Organization of Communications Systems Consultants (AIMT) are holding a series of professional meetings on contemporary communication topics, designed for the technological community in Israel. The purpose of the meetings is to create an independent and non-binding dialogue and mutual fertilization between the IDF and the academic and industry factors in the field of communication.

The meetings will be presented by IDF needs, trends and technological gaps, while academia and industry will present capabilities, directions, and trends for solutions. The upcoming meeting in the series will deal with the topic of digital transformation.

See the agenda below and click here to see more information on PC Magazine.

Prof. Sivan will present “The Digital Leaders – Mastering Six Transformations.

Digital Leadership Course at Lahav School of Executive Education Taught by Professor Yesha Sivan

Come join Professor Yesha Sivan at his latest course in digital leadership offered through the Lahal School of Executive Education at Tel Aviv Univeristy.

Explore the intersection between business strategy and advanced technologies – and learn the skills necessary to manage and lead digital transformation in your organization.

Social Networks, Mobile Applications, Business Analytics and Big Data, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Wearable Computing, Cognitive Computing, Advanced Robotics, Internet of Things, Virtual and Augmented Reality, 3D Printing, and more.

Starting date: February 18th 2020

Meetings – Tuesday 16:00-20:00 (one Wed 11-Mar-20 due to Purim Holiday) – 42 academic hours

28 July 2019, Ramat-Gan, Israel: Orange Bike Mind (OBM) workshop with PAI (the Israeli community for organizational change and development)

i8.venture and PAI (The Israeli community for Organizational change and development) are collaborating to offer a unique Orange Bike Mind Workshop on 28 July 2019. It is rather unique in that its (1) price is 900NIS (for non-PAI-members) (2) facilitation will be in Hebrew (slides in English) It will take place 28-July 2019 at 13h00 at Ramat Gan. To confirm your spot.     OBM Itinerary jULY 28th 0002 Link to our website.        

06-Jun-2019 Haifa, Israel: Prof. Sivan on Data Science – THE Career of the Future

As part of the campaign for the new B.Sc. program in Haifa University, on Data Sciences, led by Prof. Mor Peleg, (who recently won the rector’s award for research,) Prof. Sivan will discuss the emerging nature of the Data Scientists. More details about the program. – Find the full e-book (Hebrew) on the e-Vrit application. To receive chapter 7 (PDF), kindly subscribe here and we’ll send it to you. [email-download download_id=”4392” contact_form_id=”4372”]

Prof. Yeasha Sivan and Prof. Michael Zhang, from the Chinese University of Hong Kong Interview Was Selected as One of the Business School Top 10 Articles

An Interview with Prof. Michael Zhang and Prof. Yesha Sivan on Agility was selected by China Business Knowledge at the Chinese Univesity of Hong Kong (CUHK) as one of 2018 Top-10 most popular articles.

“The 6 Transformations You Need to Master”: an Interview with Prof. Yesha Sivan for WalkMe

Prof. Yesha Sivan, the Founder and CEO of i8 Ventures, was interviewed by Amir Farhi, WalkMe VP of Strategic Development. WalkMe develops and promotes the concept and platform named DAP – Digital Adoption Platform. WalkMe pioneered the concept of DAP to simplify user experiences by combining insights, guidance, and automation capabilities. In the interview, Prof. Sivan focuses on 6 digital transformations that each and every manager in the digital era should master and understand. The framework divides the 6 transformations into two categories: Internal (transformations that affect the products and the services an organization provides to its customers) and External (transformations that affect the organizations’ strategy, business models, and is even disrupting the industry). Below is the link to the interview: video and description of the framework. The full details of the six transformations framework can be found in the article “Digital Leader: Master of Six Digital Transformations” authored by Prof. Yesha Sivan and Raz Heiferman, published by Cutter Consortium, on the Business Technology Strategies journal Vol. 12, No. 2, September 2014. The link to the article can be found in the interview. Chapter 4 in our Hebrew e-book “Doing Digital&quot” published on “e-vrit” platform contains a detailed description of the six digital transformations framework.

“Doing Digital”: People&Computers Founder with Prof. Yesha Sivan and Raz Heiferman from i8 Ventures Talked on the 2018 e-Book

On Daily Maily’s Nov. 28, 2018 issue, a short article was published after Prof. Yesha Sivan and Raz Heiferman visited People & Computers Group headquarter to meet Peli the Tiger, the founder and Co-CEO (together with his wife Dalia) of the People & Computers Group. The group was founded almost 40 years ago, and has become an integral part of the growing IT and High tech community by publishing daily news, periodical magazines, organizing conferences, running many professional forums and more. We told Peli about i8 Ventures company, a new company founded by Prof. Yesha Sivan at the beginning of 2018, that is focused on helping and supporting organizations throughout their digital transformation journey. The company employs several senior advisors and works with several organizations in Israel and China. Here is the link to the summary of our visit, as published by Daily Maily. As part of i8 Ventures consulting processes, the company has developed some knowledge sharing activities and materials. Yesha and Raz have written many articles, published in Israel and USA (by Cutter Consortium), run many workshops for different stakeholders and taught many academic courses. The latest publication of Yesha and Raz is a new book “Doing Digital: Digital Transformation – Background, Theory and Practice, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Journey”, published in Hebrew in digital format. The book can be found on Ivrit application for e-books. Here is the link to our e-book.