Orange Bike Mind (OBM): The leadership tool for the 21st-century

The Orange Bike Mind will give you focus, openness, and control – the qualities needed for the 21st century.
There are many distinctions between people: left-wing or right-wing. Man or woman. Tel-Aviv resident or not. And so on.
And there is another distinction that is usually invisible to many people which is associated with the world of meditation are you practicing mindfulness or not.
To be frank, for many years, and until about 2013, I did not know much about mindfulness either. I associated mindfulness with candles and “new age” concepts such as “my other self,” self-realization, Bach flower remedies, etc. Everything fell into the same basket. In fact, mindfulness, at its core, is an exercise for the mind.
Mindfulness is not candles and “new age” concepts such as “my other self,” self-realization, Bach flower remedies, etc. Mindfulness, at its core, is an exercise for the mind.
But life takes you into interesting things. As part of my Hong Kong Sabbatical, I “met” the subject of meditation. At first, through the work of Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, and then with the work of others such as “Search Inside Yourself” from Google on the one hand and Thich Nhat Hanh on the other.
In short, I discovered a fascinating and highly effective personal “mental tool”. Let’s just say that I have become much more effective following the meditation practice. (Those who know me know, would know that I was pretty effective even before.
Yet, my “buzzy” mind (some would call it “Monkey Mind”) raises a critical question: If meditation is so good – why then, relatively, are so few people using it? It seems to be a marketing challenge.
If meditation is so good – why then, relatively, are so few people using it?
This question “occupied” my mind for a long time… until I found the solution in the form of The Orange Bike Workshop.
My thesis: in a 4 hours workshop, it is possible to “install” (using what is called “wise intervention”) what is mindfulness, what is meditation, how to practice it – and give the motivation to practice.
After about 15 workshops I can say that the workshop works – for most people. Why? Because the workshop is planned to be a trigger that leads to a 10-minute daily mind workout in the morning, 10 minutes in the evening – and this mental practice generates the added value of the meditation.

January 2018 Update

Welcome to our 2018 January update, where we share our latest News on Innovating innovating.

i8 Ventures is a boutique consultancy specializing in digital transformation. 

Yours Sincerely,
Prof. Yesha Sivan and the team

What is Innovating innovating?

Simply put, Innovating innovating is developing strategies to kick start innovative processes within an organization.

The organizational challenge

Your challenge – Manage Change

  • In a fast changing digital world, organizations must understand, setup, and adapt their business strategy.
  • Mitigate risks and capture the opportunities.
  • Bottom line: actively manage the change.

The individual challenge

Your Challenge – Lead Change

  • Managers deal with the current; leaders deal with the future.
  • Digital leaders juggle both threats and opportunities – at scale.
  • Bottom line: enhance your digital leadership skills, both at the strategic and tactical levels.

i8 Approach – Your Digital Journey Sherpa

  • Tibetan Sherpas help mountain climbers navigate and carry some load. Similarly, i8 Ventures helps organizations navigate their digital journey as well as hands-on-executes various projects.
  • We have developed a unique 4-stage methodology: kickoff, launch, setup and operate. The i8 methodology provides the required guidance and clarity how to succeed in the digital journey.
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Watch: Innovating innovating – Introduction

Prof. Yesha Sivan the founder and CEO of i8 ventures ( – a business platform focusing on “Innovating innovating.” He is also a visiting professor of innovation and venture at the Chinese University of Hong Kong Business School.

Sivan’s professional experience includes developing and deploying innovative solutions for corporate, hi-tech, government, and defense environments. He focuses on digital strategy (SVIT – Strategic Value of Innovation Technology), innovation and venture (employment black holes). In the spirit of this professional experience, he explains in this video, what “Innovating innovating” is.

Video: short intro to Innovating innovating


Text from the video:

When I reflect at what drives me, as well as what drives the world today, or perhaps at what should drive the world today, I can definitely say Innovation.

Innovation is more than just creativity or ideas; it is the realizations of these ideas into solutions that create value.

Value for all the stakeholders, Innovators, Their funders, the users of the innovation and society at large.

What makes the innovation age more interesting, both the positive and the negative-sense is the claim that innovation as a process is changing. Innovation will take more energy compared with other organizational functions. There will be more failures, it will be industrialized. There will be more suppliers of innovations and there will be more partners in the process of innovation. Leading innovation, whether you run a 5-person company or one hundred-thousand-person corporation will feel like, running a race car while re-designing the engine and replacing it, at the same time.

This is what we call Innovating Innovating.

What has been innovation in the 20th century is evolving. We need new kinds of innovation, new ways to fund innovation, new platforms for innovation, new government policies, and most importantly we need new and more innovation leaders.

That’s why we decided to focus our series “Innovating innovating” on individuals who had created innovations in the wrong field.

Join us on the journey of “Innovating innovating.”