January 2018 Update

Welcome to our 2018 January update, where we share our latest News on Innovating innovating.

i8 Ventures is a boutique consultancy specializing in digital transformation. 

Yours Sincerely,
Prof. Yesha Sivan and the team

What is Innovating innovating?

Simply put, Innovating innovating is developing strategies to kick start innovative processes within an organization.

The organizational challenge

Your challenge – Manage Change

  • In a fast changing digital world, organizations must understand, setup, and adapt their business strategy.
  • Mitigate risks and capture the opportunities.
  • Bottom line: actively manage the change.

The individual challenge

Your Challenge – Lead Change

  • Managers deal with the current; leaders deal with the future.
  • Digital leaders juggle both threats and opportunities – at scale.
  • Bottom line: enhance your digital leadership skills, both at the strategic and tactical levels.

i8 Approach – Your Digital Journey Sherpa

  • Tibetan Sherpas help mountain climbers navigate and carry some load. Similarly, i8 Ventures helps organizations navigate their digital journey as well as hands-on-executes various projects.
  • We have developed a unique 4-stage methodology: kickoff, launch, setup and operate. The i8 methodology provides the required guidance and clarity how to succeed in the digital journey.
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