“Gone are the Days of Sustainable Competitive Advantage” says Raz Heiferman from i8 Ventures in an Interview for Vantiq

Raz Heiferman Interview on Agilification

Vantiq’s Global Partners Summit was held at San Francisco on October 2018. Raz had the honor to give a presentation at the conference on the importance of business agility in the new era of digital business and why tools like Vantiq support the new generation of development, deployment and maintenance tools as required by the digital transformation. Before the conference, Blaine Mathew, Vantiq’s Chief Marketing and Product Officer, interviewed Raz on this topic.

Vantiq has developed a new development and deployment environment designated for developing event-driven and distributed applications, developed quickly by using low-code and capable to run on-premise, cloud and on edge devices. Vantiq supports the full lifecycle of the distributed applications, from development to deployment and to ongoing maintenance, a challenge few (if any) tools support. Vantiq has quickly partnered with many local integrators in several countries to support their customers to efficiently use the tool to develop sophisticated the new breed of applications.

You can find Raz’s interview on this link to Vantiq TV.

Raz’s presentation was based on his latest article co-authored with Prof. Yesha Sivan, titled “Agilifying You Digital Business – 6 Steps to Get Started”, published by Cutter Consortium. The article emphasizes the importance of becoming an agile business and provides 6 specific steps an organization can follow in the journey of becoming an agile business.

The following link enables you to make your registration to Cutter’s web site and download our article.

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