Do we Need More or Less Government Input in the Venture Ecosystem?

GCV Symposium 2017 – London, May 23-24, 2017 Paul Morris, Chief Investment Officer, VC Unit, DIT (Department for International Trade) and Yesha Sivan, CEO at Coller Institute of Venture, engage in a lively debate during their panel discussion at the 2017 GCV Symposium, on whether more or less government input in the venture ecosystem is for the better. In its seventh year (2017,) the GCV (Global, Corporate, Venturing) Symposium is the leading event for global corporate venturing professionals and has experienced exponential growth, attracting an enviable list of speakers and international senior delegates. 400+ business leaders from the corporate venturing and wider high growth business ecosystem participate in the two-day 2017 GCV Symposium covering innovation and strategy. Full panel video. Moderator: Prof. Yesha Sivan.  

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