The Year of the Rat: Digital Quantum Leap

2020 in the traditional Chinese calendar is the year of the rat – or more precisely, the year of the metal rat. To extrapolate, let’s call it the year of the digital rat.

Consider the video below:

Rats run through mazes to find cheese. However, running through a maze takes time. There are dead ends. There are obstacles. By the time you find your way to the cheese, perhaps some other, more innovative rat has already found it and ate your share.

In their day-to-day operations, companies are often resemble a maze. That is, the operations of a company actually work hinder innovation, whether it’s inefficient corporate structure, middle management, burdensome protocols, or more typically in our experience, poor digital infrastructure. If a company does not have the resources to innovate at scale, they will fall behind and miss out on the cheese.  

When working with companies, we guide them in expanding their digital infrastructure to allow for a higher rate of innovation (see our article  more innovation calls for more infrastructure). 

Once the infrastructure is in place, the digital culture that takes hold is what will allow a company to make the necessary leaps and avoid the maze, like the rat in the video.

We are in the age of Innovating innovating, where companies must spend less time on implementation and more time on innovation. As the new decade dawns, we see this trend as only accelerating. 

That is the difference between a leap and a quantum leap. When speed is the critical element, small, incrimental jumps are not enough to keep pace.

Rat’s have been running through lab mazes for at least 150 years.  But at least one rat has noticed that it’s time for a change. And you can be sure he’ll be the one to get the cheese. 

Wishing all our Clients and Readers a Happy New Year.

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