The Four Forces Framework for Agilification: Prof. Yesha Sivan and Raz Heiferman from i8 Ventures on the New Framework

Gone are the days that an organization could plan for sustainable competitive advantage and build a five-year (or even three-year) strategic plan. The business environment has become ever-more chaotic, dynamic, and disruptive. Enter agility as the new capability to develop transient competitive advantages with shorter planning and execution cycles. Welcome to the age of “agilification.” This Advisor, published by Cutter Consortium is based on our article Agilifying You Digital Business – 6 Steps to Get Started published by Cutter Consortium on the issue of Cutter Business Technology, Vol 31, Number 7, 2018 and titled Architecture + Agile: The Yin & Yang of Organizational Agility. We focused on the important interplay among leadership, culture, business architecture, and digital architecture. You can download the full article from Cutter Consortium website (requires registration) at the following link:
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