September 2019 Update

Welcome to our 2019 September update, where we share our latest publications on Innovating innovating.

i8 Ventures is a boutique consultancy specializing in digital transformation. 

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In this video, Chemi Peres talks venture capital success, innovation’s role in competition, and the value of human capital in entrepreneurship.

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i8 Research
The Top 10 Risks of Digital Transformation

To succeed in your digital transformation journey, you need to know the common ten risks and how to mitigate them. From i8 Venture’s latest publication, “Doing Digital.”

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Orange Bike Mindfulness (OBM) Coming Soon to a Hotel Near You

Joseph Fischer, CEO of Vision Hospitality & Travel, discusses his experiences at an OBM workshop, and how mindfulness can be a useful tool for the hospitality and lodging industry.

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When Your Employees Refuse to be Eaten by Software

What do you do when you want to integrate a technology into your business, but your employees push back? Uber may provide the answer.

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The Ferrari Pit Stop and the Value of Shared Goals

Watch: A Ferrari pit stop team needs only 2.5 seconds to change four tires. What’s their secret? Learn how “goal hierarchies” can make your team run like them.

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