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January 2022 Update

i8 Ventures updates of the last quarter of 2021 and of what is coming next: TEVA – ending Bio-Mix 2021 starting Bio-Mix 2022, Digital leadership in the Metaverse era, special guests in DigitalRosh LIVE, and more…

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DigitalRosh Live events — The Chameleon series

The 2022 first series of DigitalRosh Live is named “The Chameleon series – Managing the change.” It brings us together with executives from leading companies that manage adjustment and change processes in accordance with the changing competitive environment.

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October 2021 Update

The annual competition of the Bio-Mix 2021 program took place on 13-September. It was held virtually with participants from all over the world. 5 innovative projects in the fields of biotech and biomedicine were presented, all were developed by the students during the year and all have great business potential.

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August 2021 Update

Welcome to our 2021 August update, where we share our latest news and publications on Innovating innovating. i8 Ventures is a boutique consultancy

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