August 2021 Update

Welcome to our 2021 August update, where we share our latest news and publications on Innovating innovating.

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Teva Bio-Mix 2021 reaches its final stage — The competition

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Bio-Mix is a program created by Teva, in collaboration with i8 for Teva’s Bioinnovators Forum.

The Forum includes about 30 doctoral students who participate in leading research groups in Israel.

The program has a dual purpose: on one hand, to encourage business thinking as a complement to the scientific process and on the other hand, to position Teva as a natural partner for business initiatives in the eyes of the first target population (“participants”) and the second (facilitators, group leaders, and the wider community in Israel).

BioMix offers a rich annual program to develop the forum members’, professional and personal skills, via a monthly joint training session of the students and their supervisors. The students are given a unique opportunity to experience the process of turning an academic discovery into an innovative product with a clear business profile and understanding. The program’s highlight is the final competition where the forum students present their ideas and the process they went through over the course of the year.

i8 Ventures brings the business knowledge and experience to the project. It gives the forum members an opportunity to experience the initial steps of developing a business idea using the Blue Ocean model. Blue Ocean is a generative thinking strategy to generate a business model, based on the Blue Ocean Strategy Book by Renée Mauborgne and W. Chan Ki. The program will culminate with the students presenting their initiatives to an industry forum that is representative of the Bio Ecosystem.

The first program began in 2020 and reached its completion with great success. It was only natural to continue the collaboration between Teva and i8 Ventures to the next year.

Bio-Mix 2021 was launched with 33 students from leading universities in Israel who were carefully chosen for suitability in the program. The program was gradual and included several events, workshops and offline trainings in collaboration with the i8 team. The final competition will take place on September 13th and the excitement towards this important and prestigious event is at its peek.

Stay tuned! A full report of the final competition and the winners will be published in the next update.

Where we are heading? The focus for Q4 2021

i8 Ventures’ focus for Q4 2021 will serve its strategic plan for 2022 onwards. Three main endeavors with clear growth targets :

DigitalRosh  where we support digital leaders 

DigitalRosh is a professional community Life Long Learning platform catering to digital leaders in Israel and abroad. DigitalRosh is sponsored by i8 Ventures and Accenture and maintains an academic partnership with the Technion as part of the efforts to strengthen digital and innovation skills within organizations. As befits an era of change, we are always moving forward  — meaning that our English site is for now in beta.
More about DigitalRosh

i8 Digital Where we work with leading organizations to support their transformation efforts…

i8 Ventures specializes in digital transformation leadership. We help organizations innovate by streamlining business processes along the value chain, utilizing emerging technologies to re-calibrate business strategies and building a robust digital culture.

With decades of experience guiding companies and government agencies through their digital journeys we offer, like the Tibetan Sherpas, to help organizations navigate and carry some of the load along the challenging process of digital transformation.
More about

Orange Bike Mind workshop where we teach you how to ride a special kind of a bike, the bike of the mind. 

Professor Yesha Sivan explains, shares, and then trains you to be more effective in your cognitive abilities, in three states typical to the age of innovation: to Improve your management of day to day tasks, to deal with stress that arises from work, life, and family and how to separate the noise from the real opportunities.
More about Orange Bike Mind (OBM)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_separator][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Preparing for growth – i8V new offices  

A month ago i8 Ventures moved to its new offices in the “Ha’Arbaa Towers” (pair of towers 34 and 38 stories high) located at the heart of the trendy business area around Sarona.

The business environment follows the innovative “Near By” concept that places the full range of financial, operational, social and services, as close as possible to the place of business, and allows complete instant accessibility.

The towers are a landmark in the concept of commercial real estate of the future and combine spectacular and innovative architectural design from the school of the architect Moshe Tzur.

Both the location and size of the new office allow i8 Venture to expand it’s endeavors, and the DigitalRosh LLL platform in particular.

If you happen to be in the neighborhood, give us a call…


DigitalRosh is growing – We are hiring 2 new positions

DigitalRosh is getting ready for growth planned for 2022, and we are hiring! The additional team members will strengthen our execution capacity and will enable us accelerate faster.

Currently we are looking to add two new positions:

Marketing & Operation associate

Technical Product Management associate

Know someone who might be a fit? Please don’t hesitate to share our positions with them!

From our vault – Mr. Jacob Eilon hosts Prof. Dan Shechtman in the i8V studio for a conversation on Innovation  

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