October 2020 Update

Welcome to our 2020 October update, where we share our latest news and publications on Innovating innovating.

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Yours Sincerely,
Prof. Yesha Sivan and the team

Developing innovation skills in Israel’s Bio-Tech sector
Teva Pharmaceuticals Bio-Mix 2020: Annual Bio-Innovators Competition, hosted by i8 Ventures on 05-Nov-2020 (Open Event)

i8 Ventures is pleased to invite you to the annual 2020 BioInnovators BIO-MIX event and competition on Thursday, November 5th, 17:00-19:30 IL time (10:00 AM EST). The event will be in English.

Bio-Mix-2020 will feature Israel’s up-and-coming top researchers, that will present their innovative ventures. This is the culmination of a year-long effort to enhance young scientists’ innovation and business capabilities as part of the National Forum for Bioinnovators by Teva.

Paper proposing an organizational model to deal with COVID-19
The Three New Normals (3NN model), published in The Cutter Consortium (Arthur D. Little)

The 3NN model, developed by Prof. Yesha Sivan, provides a mental framework for organizations managing the crisis brought on by the COVID-19 black swan. The model describes A) what (three new normals), B) when (three-time scales), C) how (three methods of coping), and D) for whom (three levels of influence).

The model provides a way to understand, mitigate, and hopefully thrive during COVID-19.

Digital Mindset: New community platform by i8 Ventures & Accenture
The Home Of Digital Leaders in Israel

“Digital Mindset | Digitalrosh.com | הראש הדיגיטלי” is a professional community platform catering to digital leaders at the executive level.

Digital Mindset is sponsored by the companies i8 Ventures and Accenture as part of our efforts to strengthen digital and innovation leadership skills within Israeli organizations.

Digital Mindset LIVE:

As part of our community, we present a weekly program (via zoom webinar), “Digital Mindset LIVE,” hosted by Jacob Eilon.

In the program, which lasts two hours, we host leaders who present a unique angle to the topic of digital leadership, and then answer questions from the host and audience. (Of course, questions and answers are moderated and within the context of a closed forum only). The format allows for in-depth discussion at a high professional level.

Guests have included: Dani Shavit, CEO of Lubinski Group, Brigadier General Ziv Avtalyon, Head of Digital transformation in the IDF, Itzik Abercohen, CEO of Supersol, the largest supermarket chain in Israel, Yoav Chelouche, Founder and Partner at Aviv Capital Ventures, Yoav Aziz, VP Growth at Yotpo and more.

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Next Digital Mindset Live event
Magnus Falk from Zoom – Open Event on Tuesday October 27th, 6:00 PM IL Time

Our next live event will be open to the public for free:
We will meet Magnus Falk, Tech Lead at Zoom, who will present the future of Zoom’s product offerings, and how they are deeply intertwined with the future of the workplace.

The event will be in English.

Zoom's presentation (1)

Work opportunity at i8 Ventures
We are hiring – Come and work with us

We are seeking a Senior Digital Transformation Consultant that will take on a senior role for our projects with industry leaders in Israel.

If you’re interested or you know someone who may be interested, we are waiting to hear from you.

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