November 2019 Update

Welcome to our November 2019 update, where we share our latest publications on Innovating innovating.

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Innovating Innovating
MK Nir Barkat; Investor, Former Mayor of Jerusalem

In this video, Nir Barkat, Member of Knesset and Former Mayor of Jerusalem talks leading innovation both in public office and as a private entrepreneur.

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New Digital Leadership Course, Led by Professor Yesha Sivan at Tel Aviv University Lahav School of Executive Education (Feb-April 2020)

Pre-Registration has begun! Explore the intersection between business strategy and advanced technologies – and learn the skills necessary to manage and lead digital transformation in your organization. Course begins February 2020.

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i8 Research
Moving From Digital 1.0 to 2.0; Know the Difference Between “Regular” and 21st Century Digital

Digital 1.0 means your organization has an ERP, CRM, and CMS. These are good things, but don’t rest on your laurels. Digital 2.0 is already here, and the time for a new digital transformation is now.

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Digital Strategy
More Innovation Calls for Much More Digital Infrastructure

To survive, companies must increase innovative output; and the key to innovative output is digital infrastructure.

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Case Study
Innovation is Not an Accident – How China Turned Into a Tech Superpower (Book Review of Tech Titans of China)

Are you on Tik Tok? Did Mark Zuckerberg miss the biggest trend in social? Has your friend told you to buy Pinduoduo stock? This is for you. For the last few decades, China has been 

known as a source of cheap imitation goods. Today, that’s changing — and fast. Learn how China turned into one of the world’s innovation superpowers, and what it could mean for your organization.

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