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March 2020 Update

Welcome to our March 2020 update, where we share our latest publications on Innovating innovating. i8 Ventures is a boutique consultancy specializing in [...]

Corona-Prep: Our Top 10 Tips for Video Conferencing

As the novel Coronavirus spreads globally, millions have been forced into isolation, conferences have been canceled, and companies have confined sick employees to [...]

The Year of the Rat: Digital Quantum Leap

2020 in the traditional Chinese calendar is the year of the rat - or more precisely, the year of the metal rat. To [...]

17-Mar-2020: Prof. Sivan in Jerusalem Muni Convention: “Innovation in Auditing – Change or Perish”

Prof. Yesha Sivan, CEO of i8 Ventures, was invited to give a lecture about the “Digital Era – Risks & Opportunities in the […]