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Professor Yesha Sivan To Speak at Annual Kibbutz Industries Association Event (Hebrew)

Join us at the annual  Kibbutz Industries Association event "From Yesterday to Tomorrow,"  where Professor Yesha Sivan, CEO of i8 Ventures, will present [...]

An Introduction to Micro Transformations: The Case of Web Site Harmonization

In this post, we introduce the concept of a micro-transformation, whereby a focused, walled process, is re-designed as part of a larger-scale digital [...]

December 18th: Digital Transformation Leadership Course – “Mastering the PIE,” Led By Gon Nivron

This December 18th, Gon Nivron, Senior Digital Transformation Advisor at i8 Ventures will deliver a lecture as part of a course to Innovation [...]

The Right Order: People, Then Technology

Gerald C. Kane writes in MIT Sloan management review that “The rapid pace of technological innovation is not the key problem posed by […]